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C5 Leaking AC Delco Batteries

As some of you are aware, the AC Delco batteries that come standard in our Corvettes, have been having experiencing leakage problems. As soon as I heard there was even the possibility of a problem, I yanked that Delco thing out of my '00 and replaced it with an Optima Redtop gel cell--it just wasn't worth the risk with the CPU sitting right under it!

The article in the link I'm sending only speaks of leaking in early C5's (1997-2000), but as I discovered one fateful Saturday morning, my '02 Tahoe battery had leaked, eating the paint off the battery tray and destroying the two windshield washer pumps and their fittings (this was not a good weekend). Needless to say, I promptly purchased another Optima to assure I would not have this problem in the future. Please visit this link for more information: