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  • The side-view mirrors can twist both forward and backward, decreasing the chance of damage if struck.
  • There is a release opening with a flap to let air out of the car when the hatch is closed. It is located just above the driver side rear compartment, behind the carpet and on the side of the car. Not that it really works well.
  • You can ground your amp to a screw/bolt that holds the rear middle compartment to the frame.
  • If you have a 6-speed car you can pop the trunk when the car is running by lifting the e-brake.
  • There is a spot on the driver side just out of the middle compartment under the carpet for the lug nut key.
  • If you turn on the headlights, then go back to the parking light position, the lamps remain up but the headlights are off.
  • For those with the passive entry feature: If you lock your keys in the car, wait a few minutes and then shake the car. This will unlock the car.