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C5 secrets & computer codes-#4


•  HUD has a shift light for manuals

•  You can easily shift the M6 trans up or down without the clutch if you match revs (not great for longevity, however!).

•  You can eject the CD from the in-dash player without turning on any power…don't even need the key in the ignition

•  The cruise will disengage if you purposely make sharp side-to-side turns while cruising at say 60-80 mph.

•  When the engine is shut off, you can get the odometer reading by turning on the parking lights

•  You can program setting #3 (both memory buttons at once) in the seat memory to run the seat back and steering wheel forward for getting in/out of the car with the engine running.

•  If you hate DRLs you can pull the e-brake ONE click and they go off…

•  Turning key to on position, transmission in a forward gear, accelerator to the floor, will make you smile uncontrollably J (well, I guess this really isn't a secret!!)