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C6 MP3 Upgrade

by: Mark Curtis

This concerns 2005 C-6 Corvettes with navigation capabilities only. If you are interested in the mp3 upgrade for your navigation system, I have the disc. I waited on my dealer for 4 weeks then called City--they wanted to make an appointment and then order the disc. I received the download and burned the disc on Nero; it worked perfectly as described in the memo from GM. This is NOT the new navigation map disc. This is the fix for the FM static problem, the auto sound control, and allows mp3 capabilities, which as you know, was previously thought to only be available in the single and six disc option. GM had stated that this only works on later head units (Nov. 04 and later) but this is not the case, as people have updated both the U3U and the URB units with success. If you are interested in this update please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to do the upgrade for you. Thank you for your interest in this matter.

Contact information:

Phone: 704-263-0701 home

704-263-9031 work

704-460-1869 mobile