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Handy-Dandy C5 'Secrets'


Now for some handy-dandy C5 ‘secrets' you may or may not know of:


  • column lock: turn the key to the on position (without starting the car) and press the brake 4 times

  • the little yellow ‘helper light' on the bottom of the rear-view mirror that illuminates the shifter area

  • you can put your key in the driver's door and turn it twice towards the front to unlock the passenger door and a third time to pop the trunk

  • you can pop the trunk and also pop the gas cap cover by pulling on the metal lines hidden in the back

  • the little slotted cover on the dash behind the steering wheel is where the inside air temperature sensor is located

  • all of the option codes are in the glove box

  • recommended tire inflation pressures are on the driver's door

  • the thing that looks like a little LED near the DIC buttons is a light sensor


I'll send a few more of these each month …..