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More of those C5 Secrets . . .


Now for some more of those handy-dandy C5 ‘secrets' you may or may not know of:

  • The thing that looks like a little LED near the defroster vent is a UV sensor for determining A/C usage to compensate for the heating effect of the sun

  • The build sheet is in the front re-bar

  • If you leave your turn signal on, in about 1 minute it will start to ding (loud enough to hear over the stereo) to let you know you have old timers disease.

  • To reset the oil life, turn the key to on position (without starting the car) and press the gas pedal 3 times

  • Hold down the reset button while on one of the trip odometers and it changes that reading to the miles you've traveled since last starting the engine.

  • Hold down the Active Handling button for 5 seconds to engage “Competitive Driving” on cars equipped with active handling (2000 and previous years must be stopped).

  • If you pull the seatbelts all the way out while you're buckled in, they ratchet back in to hold you tighter into the seat.

  • Simply remove fuse #2 under the hood and your DRLs will be out permanently. Only thing affected is that when you unlock at night using the key fob your front turn signal lights and back up lights will not flash. Your front turn signals will operate normally, however.


I'll send a few more of these each month …..