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Improper turn signal function?

submitted by Charlie Binder

The problem with the turn signals not working correctly is in the hazard switch, which is located on the dash, just behind the hazard button. The GM solution will most likely set you back close to $400, because their solution is to remove the entire dash to get out the switch. The solution indicated below took me and hour and a half from start to finish and is done with from the cavity when you remove the radio.

The essential overview of how to proceed is:

Pop off the hazard switch button use a flat screw driver to pry it out

Remove the waterfall

Remove the console/armrest

Remove the radio bezel

Remove the radio

Disconnect the wiring on the rear of the hazard switch

Pop out the hazard switch

Press in the new hazard switch and reverse above steps

Detailed photos of how to get the radio/dash bezel off are found at, but note that these instruction go much further for removal of gauge cluster!

The next link is the reference to this procedure and some hint from the forum.

View of dash before operation

View of dash area with radio bezel removed

Photo shows using chisel to pop out the old hazard switch!