If you own a Corvette you know about the “Corvette Lifestyle” and the camaraderie that exists among Corvette owners. The goal of Queen City Corvette Club is to provide a link to other Corvette enthusiasts by providing organized events that allow our enthusiasts to participate with other like-minded Corvette owners who want to get the most out of the Corvette Lifestyle. You have a choice. Your leisure time is valuable. Thank you for your interest in Queen City Corvette Club! What better way to enjoy your Corvette than with friends who share the same passion and enthusiasm as you.
Queen City Corvette Club is one of the largest and most active Corvette clubs in the Southeastern US with over 370 members. Our members range in age from their 30’s all the way up to the 80's. Our members own Corvettes from every generation, C1 – C8.  Some are award winning show pieces, but most are daily drivers because our members know the real fun of having Corvettes is driving them. Past QCCC members from the ‘60s and ‘70s who had to sell their Corvette to raise a family have returned to continue the fun and camaraderie they remembered from years past. Other members have relocated to our area and have been Corvette club members in other locations. Many are new Corvette owners just wanting to find out what the smiles are all about. Whatever your reason for seeking out a Corvette Club, we’re glad you did and hope you join us at our next event. Checkout the Events section of our website for details on our next fun event.
Our primary goal is to promote the ownership of, and further interest in the Corvette. We promote the sport and pastime of safe motoring and encourage driving and sharing our Corvettes with friends, while establishing close friendships with others who share the same passion for the Corvette. QCCC strives to promote, sponsor, organize and supervise Corvette outings, meetings, and competitions and other Corvette related functions and events. In
addition to our own events, QCCC participates in events with and sponsored by other clubs. The bottom line is we enjoy driving our Corvettes and wish to share the experience with friends made through QCCC membership.
The club meets on the second Saturday of each month for a business meeting and usually a social event. Meeting locations which vary month to month see the Social Events Calendar for more details.
Membership requirements are:
 Active membership in the club shall be restricted to owners of Corvette car(s) and their spouse or significant other.  In addition, to be a member, a person(s) must have reached the age of twenty one (21) years.
 An applicant(s) must also attend at least three business meetings during a twelve month calendar period. During the third business meeting their request for membership will be voted on by the members in attendance.
 After a one-time Initiation Fee of $10.00 per person, annual membership dues are $100.00 (pro-rated according to the month joined), due within thirty (30) days of joining. Thereafter, dues may be payable on an annual ($100.00) or semi-annual ($50.00) basis.